Youtube play specific track


Did you know that you can link to a specific time in a YouTube video? This is a great trick if you just want to show a tiny segment of a video, especially if what you want to show your audience is deep into the video.

The trick is adding the following to the end of the link: “#t=00m00s” You simply replace “00m” with the minute marker (in the case of the video above this would be “05m” and replace the “00s” with the second marker (which would be “06s” in the Emmitt video).

Thus, the link “” turns into “” once we’ve added our time marker.

Want to add a specific start time to an embedded video?

It is also possible to add a specific start time to a YouTube video when you are using the embed code. This trick is a little bit more indepth, but follows a similar concept. But instead of adding the “#t=00m00s” tag to the end of the link, you add “&start=” followed by the number of seconds. So, for the Emmitt video, it would go from “” to “”.

Here’s an example of changing the actual embed code:

And that is all there is to it. You can now use this trick to quickly set a start point in YouTube videos whether you are sending links in email or embedding videos in your blog.


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